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Tokyo : Floor Cushion Sofa

₹ 14,990
Not just a piece of furniture, but it plays a role in adding style and warmth to a place. Along

Kyoto Floor Sofa

₹ 19,990
The Minimal Living sofa, inspired by Japanese floor level furniture. First of all, the kyoto Sofa, which was designed to

Bangkok Floor Sofa

₹ 12,990
Love for minimal living, and our low-to-the-ground, customizable lounge seating offers a casual yet tailored alternative to the traditional sofa.

The Lazy Floor Sofa

₹ 21,990
The Minimal Living. A strong expressive value for a piece of furniture intended to stimulate our most creative and imaginative

The KidSit : Kids Sofa cum Bed

₹ 11,990
The infinitely configurable play couch made up of four foam pieces: base, cushion, and two triangle pillows. Lightweight, yet durable

The Carry Floor Sofa

₹ 14,990
The Minimal Living sofa, inspired by Japanese floor level furniture. A “portable” sofa that expands the possibilities of relaxation. The

Round Tufted Cushion

₹ 590
Deck your play room, bedroom, or living space with this colorful floor pillow cushion. Featuring a 100-percent foam filling construction

Low Key Floor Sofa

₹ 29,990
A good sofa for the entire family. The low, wide and solid seating surface gives you plenty of space whether

Square Floor Cushion with Bolster

₹ 4,490
Oversize relax/chill/meditation pillow by The Fluffy Company includes 1 base cushion + 1 bolster. Featuring luxe washable cover easy carry.

Meditation Floor Mat & Cushion

₹ 1,990
For Perfect for Yoga studio. Take care of your health and loved ones today!  It is available in multiple fabric

Texas : Modular Block Sofa

₹ 33,990
The modern sofa designed on a modular block concept can fit into every living room. Texas low seating sofa is