The design and shape of the frameless sofa

Nothing more - orthopedic bases, rollers, pillows and a system for their connection. There is nothing to creak and break, since the wooden frame and metal fittings are completely absent. No sharp corners. Also the warranty for the foam frame is 10 years.
The top layer has a high rate of comfort, the bottom layer provides reliable support

Completely Frameless?

Unlike traditional sofas, all of our frameless sofa are constructed using only premium fabrics, foam, EPS and filler fibers. We do not use wood, metal, adhesives or any other harmful chemicals. Though our beanbag sofas filled with Expanded Polystyrene granules which are considered to be completely frameless, our collection of foam sofas have a frame. How? Well it consists highly elastic Polyurethane foam of several densities engineered to provide structure and comfort!


Our sofas on ppu blocks have an extended service life compared to their counterparts, due to the use of perfectly blended mixture of high density foams, designed for a seated person weighing up to 140 kg. Foam is selected very carefully, taking into account the weight of adult family members and kids alike and keeping in mind the degree of softness for comfort. We also provide a 10 year foam frame warranty.
Stage One

During our second stage of production, we wrap PPU with a precisely selected materials like foam padded fabric or polyfill fiber , which provides protection for polyurethane foam, gives a magnificent shape and extra softness.

Stage Two

After wrapping the polyurethane foam with a second layer of protection, the module is covered with an inner cover. The inner cover is made of mixed fabric with water-repellent impregnation, while the fabric is perfectly breathable.

Stage Three

The sofa will retain its excellent appearance for many years thanks to the removable covers of modules and other accessories. Covers on frameless sofas can be removed and dry cleaned or washed. The cleaning method depends on the fabric care recommendations. In the case when the frameless sofa is made of several different fabrics, we look only at the same methods of cleaning fabrics and based on them we make a general recommendation.

Stage Four

As the lower part of the frameless sofa has no legs and is usually completely on the floor, unless placed on a structure to provide some ground clearance. So that the cover does not tear and withstands friction, we sew the bottom of the sofa from Oxford fabric of high grades engineered for such special purposes.

Stage Five

Modules do not move apart even on slippery surfaces thanks to the double Velcro system. A double system of Velcro fasten to the bottom of the sofa between the modules , which allows you to securely hold the modules together. Velcro fastens easily and is not visually noticeable.

Stage Six

Additional support of the sofa like that for your back and arms is formed through the use of additional accessories like rollers, pillows or trapezoidal structures. Such accessories are attached to the external cover with the help of YKK zippers , and the external cover at the points of installation of the zipper is securely attached to the module itself. This reduces the load on the seams and zipper.

Stage Seven

Such an attachment of additional accessories attached via zippers is usually hidden under a decorative strip of fabric to keep intact the visual appeal of the sofa. The shape of the backrest can be round or trapezoidal, depending on your preferences and the design of a frameless modular sofa.