Important Information about your new foam filled bean bag

Foam does not air out like Thermocol beans and hence does not flatten over time. However foam does tend to settle down when you use it to sit and relax. Keeping your foam filled bean bag fluffy and soft is pretty simple. Rotate the pouch 90 degrees and push into it to move the foam around inside and break any lumps or clusters of foam that might have formed. Repeat this step one or two more times and you’re all set. Watch the video below to see the fluffing in action.

Our foam filled sacks, bean bags, loungers etc are shipped compressed in a box, it will take some time to rebound to its normal size. Please allow 48 hours to fully expand.

Yes—but the cover only, please! Remove the outer cover from the foam sack or bean bag and throw into the washer solo or with like colors. Machine wash on delicate cycle, use mild detergent if necessary, and tumble dry low. Please note the structured bean bag collection does not come with an outer cover and can only be spot cleaned.

What we didn't use.

Our competitors use a wide range of commodity materials. We decided to take a different path.

Beads or beans

We chose to avoid the hard thermocol / EPS beads you may find with some of our competitor’s products. We found them to be noisy and less supportive over time.


PVC Pellets

Rather than heavy, slippery PVC pellets, our proprietary foam was created to hold the shape of the pouch, and offer more comfortable support.